Trying LinID Directory Manager

The sample application is provided with an embedded OpenDS server. Trough this application, you can use some of LinID DM features:
  • Authenticate and non-authenticate mode
  • Quick search and advanced search
  • Full CRUD on an LDAP Entry
  • Password modification

Use online sample application

You can try the sample application here:

The application is restarted every day. The restart reinitializes the data of the embedded LDAP directory.

Get the sample application

Download the sample application or get it from the SVN repository:

user@localhost:~$ svn co linid-dm-sample

Launch the demonstration from the downloaded archive

Unzip the archive and go in the extracted directory, then:

user@localhost:~$ ./ start

Launch the demonstration from the SVN source code

Launch the following command:

user@localhost:~$ cd linid-dm-sample
user@localhost:~/linid-dm-sample$ mvn -Popends jetty:run

Access through a web browser

Open your favorite browser to http://localhost:8080/. There you are!

Sample accounts:

Login Password Role
jdoe secret Super administrator (manage applications and SUDO rules)
jsmith secret Local administrator (manage users)
jbar secret Standard user

Also available in: HTML TXT