LinID Directory Manager (LinID DM)

Run the sample application

As a framework, LinID Directory Manager is intended to developers. But you can evaluate some of its capacities by running the sample application.

Use the framework


Please contact us to participate (see contact information on the home page). A lot of ideas can be seen in the roadmap page!

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Unable to locate asset 'classpath:org/linid/dm/wui/t5lib/components/ldapentry/minus-16x16.png

If you get such error:

java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to locate asset 'classpath:org/linid/dm/wui/t5lib/components/ldapentry/minus-16x16.png' (the file does not exist).

Force the copy of png files in the target repository for the wui module:

cp src/main/resources/org/linid/dm/wui/t5lib/components/ldapentry/*.png target/classes/org/linid/dm/wui/t5lib/components/ldapentry/

Also available in: HTML TXT